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For All Skin Type

BXL Cellular Refining Lotion is a soothing, brightening formula that gently tones and immediately refines the complexion for a flawlessly clean, clear, comfortable feeling. This alcohol-free freshener brings skin into ideal pH balance with 100% natural botanical extracts. Powered by exclusive BXL Complex for the most energizing, nourishing and strengthening skin effects.
BXL Complex is a new power source for intercellular communication. The result of advanced skin research, it is a precise blend of 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin life. Helps stimulate cell renewal and elevate hydration and nutrition levels from within, producing a youthful environment for stronger, more resilient skin to rise up to the surface each day.

Maju Phal Galls-0.5% • Gajar Seed-2.0% • Gritkumari Leaf-1.0% • Manjistha Root-2.0% • Gulab Petal-0.5% • Madhu-1.5% • Japa Flower-2.0% • Purified Water-Q.S.

How to use:
Apply to cotton pads or wash cloth. Gently wipe over face and neck, AM and PM.

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